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Free Focus Workout

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Result Driven Unconventional Training

Focus offers a unique workout while building strength and endurance by incorporating functional movements in an unconventional way. The coach leads you through a total body workout using specialized equipment in a fun space. Join this one of a kind program that is exclusive to Volv and enjoy a phenomenal fitness experience.

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Our Focus Program Is Derived from the Onnit Academy

Our Focus program is an unconventional physical training method derived from the Onnit Academy. It uses ancient training tools like the steel mace and club to create a truly unique workout experience that tests your whole body and mind. Onnit uses the term “total human optimization.”

In everyday life, that term stands true. If your body is not ready for whatever comes your way, then you risk injury. The Onnit Academy believes the human body is an instrument that we utilize to achieve greatness. It involves training and altering your lifestyle to shatter limits and set new records for yourself.

Unlock Your Potential at Volv

If you’ve recently found yourself plateauing in your workout, this is the program for you. We aim to find out what your limits are – and break them. Most people become stagnant in their training at some point throughout their workout career. This is normal, but it doesn’t have to be.

Push yourself to break down barriers and become the best you can be. Everyone has the ability to unlock their full potential through our Focus training program. We offer this training course for all types of serious athletes, including CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, skiing, boxing, mixed martial arts, skateboarding, and more. Fill out the form below to try Focus for yourself!

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