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Meet Our Team


CrossFit Coach

I am from the Dubuque area and have always fully committed myself to health, wellness and my community. Becoming a certified CrossFit coach has allowed me to really live out those priorities every single day. In 2016 I found CrossFit to be the perfect replacement after college athletics. I am not only passionate about the sport of CrossFit, but also how to participate in a safe way that creates a lifestyle of community, friendships, and LONG-TERM health. I do my best to bring energy, positivity, and learning to each of my classes. There’s a lot of fear around trying CrossFit, but each new member continues to prove their assumptions wrong, so come check it out!

Certification: CrossFit Level 1


Personal Trainer

Born and raised in Dubuque, I have been an avid runner my whole life. I always felt something was missing from my own fitness and cross country/track careers until I started strength training at Volv. With the combination of an Exercise Science degree from Upper Iowa University and the great atmosphere at Volv, I began to see the results I wanted as a Student-Athlete. With this foundation, I decided to become a personal trainer to help others reach their goals and uncover what drives them. My desire is to bring joy and help others live their happiest life through fitness and health!

Certifications: NASM Personal Training

Cassie Foley

Group Exercise Instructor

I grew up in the Tri-State area. Nutrition is something I've always found myself passionate about, but it wasn't until I realized how important and successful you can be with training when the two are combined, that I became interested in instructing fitness classes. I have always worked out and belonged to a gym, but I did not realize how much I would love teaching classes! I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with my Bachelors in Health Promotion and moved back to Dubuque in 2015. I got my group fitness instructor certification in 2015 and have not looked back since.

Certifications: ACE Health Coach, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Precision Nutrition Level 1

Cassie Hamer

Focus Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor

I earned a B.A. of Science in Health and Human Performance with an emphasis in Health Promotion-Wellness from UW- Platteville. As a college student-athlete I developed skills in leadership, communication, collaboration and teamwork.

My experiences include coaching kickboxing and CrossFit assessments, assisting patients with progression of exercise, leading a youth basketball program, coaching and facilitating summer youth recreation programs. I am a motivated and hardworking person who loves working with people to help them reach their fitness and health goals.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, ONNIT


CrossFit Coach

I was born and raised in the Dubuque area and wasn't the quintessential fitness fanatic that you would expect. My journey into the fitness world began when I hired Coach Brad to help get me in shape to run a half marathon. From there I found CrossFit, dropped 100 lbs. and began my journey as a CrossFit Coach and my involvement into health and wellness.

Certifications: CrossFit Trainer (CrossFit Level 3), and also holds certificates in CrossFit Weightlifting, Mobility, and Endurance.


Member Services, Personal Trainer

I was born and raised in Shullsburg, Wisconsin. Currently, I am at Loras College pursuing my bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. I will be attending Clarke University for the Physical Therapy Doctorate program. Right now, I run track and cross country and was a four-sport athlete in high school. Fitness has been a large part of my life since I was younger and I have since fallen in love with it. In the past, I have worked with personal trainers who have greatly impacted my life and I want to do the same for others.

Certifications: ACE Personal Training, CPR & AED


Focus Coach

I’m from a small town in northern Illinois and I found my passion for fitness through track and field. I was a pole vaulter in high school and at Ashford University in Clinton, IA, where I earned my degree in Sports/Rec Management. I moved to Dubuque in 2015 and fell in love with the community; I earned my masters degree in School Counseling from Loras College and I work as a school counselor for the Dubuque Community School District. I joined Volv in 2020 and felt an immediate sense of belonging and community- the group fitness classes gave me the same sense of fulfillment I remember having from years on a track team. I truly cannot put into words what being a part of the Volv community has meant to me. I’m passionate about helping people use regular exercise as a way to live a happier life and I’m so happy to be a part of the Volv team!

Certification: ONNIT, NASM-CPT


Facility Services

I was born and raised in Dubuque. I am married to my wonderful wife, Tina and we have two boys; Justin and Tristin. I am also a Grandpa to our grandson, Braxton. I was a football player in high school which connected me to fitness; it remains a huge part of my life. I participate in powerlifting competitions and am a member of the United Powerlifting Association (UPA). I judge for the Association and also trained my son to compete in UPA events. I have competed in body building events and am accredited in the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).
Fitness will forever be an important part of my life which makes being a part of the VOLV family a major bonus for me.


Member Services

I am a Nutrition Care Specialist and currently studying for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I also work at Suppz Warehouse and am training for amateur Strongman events.
I am a United States Army Veteran where I spent 5 Years on active duty orders and 17 months in the Middle East before returning to civilian life. I have completed two deployments (De Elencar, Afghanistan in 2018 and Baghdad, Iraq in 2020) where I served as a 12B or a Combat Engineer as the demolitions expert and breacher serving under 10th mountain 2-22 A-Co. I eventually switched to the unit's nutritionist to help soldiers succeed in their physical demands set on them while on Active Duty Status.
I’ve competed on the national level for Static Monsters WorldWide and U.S.S. Nationals with my national ranking currently at eighteenth in the world and fifth ranked in the U.S.


General Fitness Instructor

I have been a fitness instructor since 1985 and a massage therapist for over 15 years. I am a firm believer in what all fitness modalities can do to enhance your life. When the aerobics craze came along in the 80's I was quick to jump on the bandwagon. I have taught a variety of fitness classes, including aerobics, water aerobics, and weight-based toning classes.


CrossFit Coach

As a Dubuque native I went to Loras College where I earned my B.A. in Kinesiology, followed by Mizzou where I earned my Masters in Positive Coaching and Athletic Leadership. I have been an athlete all of my life and have always been drawn to health, wellness, and sport. In 2022 I joined CrossFit Restoration and have loved the challenge, friendships, and fitness it has brought into my life!

Certification: CrossFit Level-1

Kim David

Owner, President, CEO

I purchased The Gym in 2010 with the vision of creating a business that supports a healthier lifestyle for the Dubuque Community. The goal was to be different than any other fitness club by offering not only a place to exercise, but a place to learn about physical improvement, performance gains and life changing habits. We set out to help people succeed at achieving a happy, heathier life both physically and emotionally. After 25 years in the Corporate workplace, I experienced first-hand the decline that can happen when you lose focus on your health.
With the rebranding of True. Fitness | Life, to Volv Fitness in 2020, we are achieving the goals we set for ourselves in 2010. We have introduced enhanced programming that fits all fitness levels, including nutrition and wellness offerings, personal training and functional fitness. The culture and the community we have created at True. is the best of the best. Our members are our priority! We care about them and their ability to reach their goals, see outcomes, and realize success. I’m proud of the work we are doing, the support we provide, and the team and inclusive environment we have built.


Spin Instructor

I’m Alexia Jansen. (Everyone calls me Lexi) I am from Kieler, WI. I am a full time special education teacher at WestView Elementary in Platteville, WI. I have been teaching spin for two years and officially own my own spin business inside of Snap Fitness in Platteville. In 2023 I became a WNBF bodybuilding competitor in the bikini division. I love helping others reach their fitness goals. Besides being at the gym 24/7 - I love going to yoga and being with my Black Lab, Callie.


Spin Instructor

I am the on-site Physical Therapist through my own practice, Life In Motion Physical Therapy. I am originally from Dubuque and went to the University of Iowa for my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. I focus on helping active adults get back to the gym after injury, and improve overall daily movement and performance to prevent injury in the first place. I wanted to become a physical therapist because movement is such a major part of our lives, and I wants to help you stay moving and doing what you love for as long as possible. I stay very active myself, with teaching cycling and attending CrossFit classes. I am also a general fitness instructor substitute and our social media coordinator.

Certifications: Physial Therapy License , Cycling


CrossFit Coach

I grew up in the small town of Lansing, IA . My Sophomore year is when I learned to love the gym and bettering myself for the sports I participated in at Kee High. I continued my baseball career at University of Dubuque where I pursued an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education-Science. I then earned my Masters in Science Education through the University of Northern Iowa. I have been teaching at Hempstead High School since 2013. While at Hempstead, I coached Strength and Conditioning in our after school program for 9 years, as well as baseball for 3 years as an assistant sophomore coach, and 6 years as head freshmen coach. I joined CrossFit Restoration March 2022 and have loved every minute of it. I'm excited to be part of the CFR team where I am able to share my passion for health, wellness, competition and coaching with our membership, helping them achieve their goals.

Certification: CrossFit Level-2


Marketing Lead/Technology Specialist

I was born in Colorado, raised in Wisconsin and got my Bachelors Degree at Upper Iowa University in Exercise and Sports Studies. I have always been involved in some kind of sport growing up and knew when I went to college that I wanted to continue to be involved with the field. When I am not at the gym I love exploring outside with my two wonderful dogs, my husband and our daughter.

Certification: BA in Exercise and Sports Studies w/ emphasis in Fitness & Wellness, Coaching Endorsement, CPR & AED


Personal Trainer

I graduated from Loras College in 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology. I was a multi-sport athlete in high school so I was no stranger to the weight room and exercise. I had found CrossFit after I graduated from high school. I played collegiate football at Loras where, unfortunately I was forced to end my career from multiple knee injuries. Currently, I am continuing my education to obtain my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, APX Tier 1 Coach, CPR & AED Certified.


CrossFit Coach

I'm from Southfield, Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a minor in Health Promotion. I made my way to Dubuque as I am now the Head Men's and Women's Swim Coach at Loras College.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, ACTION Personal Trainer, American Swim Coaches Association Level 3


Program Manager & Trainer of: Survivorship, CrossFit, & Personal Training

Hi my name is Reagan Friend, I was born and raised in Michigan and moved to Arizona with my family in 2009. I was able to return to the midwest in 2015 to complete my B.A. in Kinesiology and play basketball at Loras College. I joined Volv as an intern and started taking CrossFit classes in 2019. My experience as a CrossFit athlete lead to my interest in becoming a Coach. I started coaching in 2021 and became CFL-1 certified because of my love for helping people find their passion for fitness and allowing it to be a positive influence in their lives! Following my gap year in 2020, I traveled to Pennsylvania to start my Masters Degree. I graduated in the Spring of 2022 with a M.S. in Cancer Care with a specialization in Clinical Exercise Physiology. I plan to use this degree to bridge the gap between cancer related health disparities and exercise rehabilitation.

Certifications: CPR/AED * CrossFit Level 1 Trainer * Cancer Exercise Training-CETI


Event Coordinator/Front Desk Manager

I have lived in Dubuque Iowa my entire life. I was a very active child and did cheerleading in high school. I worked many years in Customer Service where I enjoyed helping others, but then took on the role of a full time mother. I didn’t get into fitness really until after my 3rd son when I knew I needed something to help me get more in shape and stay healthy for my children. I was then introduced to Powerlifting. I started that back in 2017 and since then have done multiple Powerlifting Meets and more to come. It made me want to be more involved with fitness all around. I worked at another gym for almost 4 years before coming to Volv. I am looking to one day become a certified personal trainer so I can help others learn proper strength training and fall in love with it like I did.


Youth/Athletics Head Coach, FOCUS Coach

I'm from Warrington, England and have lived in the United States since 2012. I spent my first 5 years in Duluth, MN completing my Bachelors Degree and moved to Dubuque, IA shortly after in 2017. I have spent the previous 6 years coaching collegiate and high school soccer, whilst completing a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Clarke University and a Masters in Sports Management from the University of Dubuque. I joined FOCUS 2 years ago and have found an enjoyment in health and wellness education. This led me to teaching Health and Wellness classes at the University of Dubuque. Outside of Volv, I enjoy being on the golf course, socializing with family/friends and spending time with our Shepherd Reggie and Mini Dachshund Fritz.


Yoga Instructor

I originally began yoga practice in 2001 at the recommendation of my chiropractor. I got away from yoga and began long-distance running and competed in many races, from 5Ks to Marathon races and long distance cycling races, along with a weight training regimen. Because of the limited range of motion of these activities, I was experiencing a lot of tightness particularly in my hamstrings. In 2017, a coworker of mine encouraged me to get back into yoga. I became a regular yogi, completing over 400 classes in less than 2 years. I was inspired to take his practice to the next level, and attended teacher training at B-1 Yoga, completing the 200 hour program in early 2019. I have been teaching ever since. In 2020, I began my quest for certification in Yin Yoga, and completed a 50 hour teaching course through Loka Yoga in Bali in January of 2021. The practice of opening up the joints, and stressing the connective tissue to open up energy channels was the perfect balance to the vinyasa flow classes I was taking and teaching. I also appreciated the meditative aspect of the practice. I completed a 300 hour class through Yoga Renew in 2022 and am now a 500 hour certified teacher.


CrossFit Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach

I graduated from Loras College in 2010 with a Business and Finance Degree, but learned quickly that fitness was a huge passion of mine. Having played sports throughout my childhood, I knew I enjoyed the competitive outlet of sports and wanted to stay involved in some form of competition after graduating college. Pursuing a career in fitness has given me a career that I enjoy waking up for every morning.

Certification: CrossFit Level One (CF-L1 Trainer), CrossFit Mobility certificate, CrossFit Goal Setting certificate, CrossFit Olympic lifting certificate, Certified in Personal Training, Nutritional Counseling and weight loss specialist.


Member Services

I was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa. As a kid I was very active and always outside with my siblings and neighbors. From elementary to middle school I played volleyball and soccer, once I got into high school I joined cheerleading. Life slowed down a bit in the fitness area after having my son but as he got older and started joining every sport under the sun I decided it was time that I too started to get moving again and I joined CrossFit. After getting the hang of lifting some weights I decided to join the open gym and continue to learn. When my free time does not consist of the gym I like to draw, read, cook and of course try to keep up with my son when he want to play 1 v 1 in all his sports.


Cleaning Specialist

I graduated from Hempstead in 2020 and I am a huge Cubs fan. I am the youngest of 3 siblings and my favorite food is macaroni and cheese. In my free time I enjoy watching Supernatural, Walker, baseball and basketball.


CrossFit Coach

Growing up I participated in multiple sports throughout my school years. One of my coaches inspired me and I started finding my passion for the gym. After high school, I joined the military and served 9 years in the Iowa Army National Guard. During this time, I attended school at Loras College and graduated with a degree in education. After a football injury, I started down the path of becoming the unhealthiest I have ever been and I needed a lifestyle change so I joined CrossFit Restoration here at Volv Fitness. My passion for fitness was restored and I was living healthier and I met and proposed to my wife right here in the CrossFit room. In 2020 my wife and I traveled to Bahrain to teach for 2 years and I found my passion for helping others live a healthy lifestyle while coaching classes at CrossFit Muharraq. I am now pursuing my passion full-time as a personal trainer and am excited to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Certification: CrossFit Level Two (CF-L2 Trainer)


Youth Sports, Member Services, Personal Trainer

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and moved to Iowa in 2017 to attend The University of Dubuque as a wrestler. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Human Health Science, NWCA All-American, ARC All Conference, NCAA National Qualifier 3X Regional Placer, NSCA All-American (21-22) and Wendt Athlete Character of the year (2018). Training has been apart of my life since I was introduced to the sport of wrestling at 7 years old. I am on a mission to continuing evolving my fitness with myself and others.

Certifications: CPR/AED


Member Services

I was born and raised in Chicago, lllinois. I came to Dubuque to attend Loras College to swim! I am currently a senior at Loras receiving my major in Early Elementary Education with a Special Education Endorsement. I have been around fitness my whole life with friends and family. I enjoy basketball, swimming, lifting, and cross-fit. Fitness has been a huge part of my life and being apart of the fitness community has had such a positive impact on my life.


CrossFit Coach

My name is Dyllon Phillips. My passion for fitness really started in high school for me. I was part of the swim team, competed for three years, and went to state twice. I then did one semester of swimming in college before I decided to join the military. I enlisted in the Navy and worked in the search and rescue department. Every day while in the Navy, if I had any spare time, you could find me at the gym working on new lifts and strength training. Now that I am a part of the CrossFit community, I get to use my passion for health and fitness to not only continue to work on myself but also to help others. Find a passion for fitness. Being a part of the CrossFit community means you will always be supported and have a great team of friends encouraging you and pushing you to your full potential.

Certification: US Navy Physical Training , CPR *AED


Member Services

My name is Josie Potts! I am from Dubuque, Iowa. I am currently attending Clarke University. I am studying biology in pursuit of entering dental school after my undergraduate degree. Fitness has always been a huge part of my sports life especially basketball. I am a member of the Clarke University women’s basketball team. I am so excited to be apart of the Volv team and share my love for the gym with all the members.


Member Services

I’m Justin Gutierrez, a senior at Loras College majoring in finance, and currently a member of the baseball team. I’m originally from La Grange Park, Illinois, and grew up a die-hard Cubs fan. Sports have always been a huge part of my life, playing baseball, football, hockey, and basketball growing up. I really enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies, and lifting in my free time.


Sales/ Group Fitness Instructor

I have been a wellness professional for over 20 years and love my job! My passion is EMPOWERING individuals to achieve their wellness goals. There is no greater reward than making somebody feel happy from the inside out! I love the water! Fun fact, I have my sailing certification and desire to make sailing, traveling and fitness a lifestyle some day.

Certifications: Personal Trainer, AFFAA- Fitness Instructor, Spin, Kickboxing, Weight Training , AFFAA- Nutrition and Lifestyle Management


Boxing Instructor


Yoga Instructor


Pilates Instructor

I was born and raised in Dubuque and love being involved in the community. I started practicing Pilates when I was in high school but didn’t truly get into improving my fitness until 2015. My passion for fitness fully grew once I started incorporating strength training and running into my routine. I joined Volv in 2021 and have learned so much through fitness classes and personal training sessions. Pilates has become a staple for me throughout my fitness journey; it’s helped me stay flexible, mobile, and have fewer injuries. My focus for teaching Pilates is showing others the importance of mobility and strength for everyday life and learning how Pilates movements can improve your fitness.


Cleaning Crew

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