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All Fitness Levels Welcome!

Group fitness classes are inclusive, encouraging, and fun!

With all membership levels at Volv Fitness Dubuque, you gain unlimited access to all of our core classes. All of our group fitness classes are led by our talented team of professional instructors. We aim to mix in variety to your cardio routine, changing it up and keeping you engaged. In these classes, we’ll help you build full-body strength and encourage a healthier heart. All levels of ability are welcome.

Browse our extensive list of available fitness classes and book your spot today!

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Class Descriptions
Cycling / Spin

Spin: Jump on a bike and pedal your way to a great cardio workout that promotes strength and endurance with interval training synchronized to upbeat music.

Spin + Weights: Pedal your way to a great cardio with the added resistance of light hand weights! You’ll find this to be a great full body workout

Endurance Cycling: Pedal your way to a great cardio workout, focusing on longer distance and intervals aimed at increasing your stamina on the bike.


Cardio Hip Hop: Fun, party-rockin’ rhythms and easy to follow dance moves will tone, sculpt, and melt away stress while leaving you feeling energized.

Kickboxing: Total body workout while learning self-defense techniques. This class is designed for both men and women and does not include physical contact. Drills are done using focus mitts and blocking pads. No experience required.

Boxing: Upper body cardio workout using boxing drills of punching and blocking. This class is designed for both men and women. No experience required.


Bootcamp: Take your cardio workout to the next level by incorporating full body moves that promote endurance, strength, and stamina.

Total Body Burn: This 30-40 minute workout focuses on movement to increase balance, coordination, and stability. Resistance bands, dumbbells and body weight movements are used to increase intensity.

Tabata Tuesday: This workout consists of interval training to push your endurance and cardio exercise to the next level. Short bursts of resistance training paired with small periods of rest will get your heart pumping.

Barbell HIIT: Fun, energizing barbell program that will improve general fitness, as well as shape and tone muscles. Use the barbell for strength & weight training movement, with short bursts of high intensity cardio moves in between.

Gym Floor Circuit: Get an orientation of the machines on our Main Gym Floor and learn how best to put together an efficient workout with them. We’ll answer all your questions about how to safely use the machines.

HIIT + Weights: Fun, energizing program utilizing dumbbells, kettlebells and other forms of resistance along with bursts of high intensity cardio moves to improve your overall fitness.


50+ & Fit: Start toning, strengthening, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle; this 50 min class will focus on a combination of cardio, strength, and mobility.


Yoga Flow: Method of learning that combines posture, breathing, and focus to promote strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, and deep relaxation of the mind and body.

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