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2020 sure has been an interesting year so far! I hope you are staying healthy amidst all the uncertainty of the Corona Virus. If you have been impacted by it, in anyway, I wish only good things for you, your family and friends. Many are already wishing for 2021 and the newness of the year and the thought of having a fresh start.

True. Fitness|Life, has been so blessed. The support from our members is overwhelming and we are so thankful for each and every one of you. You are what makes True. successful and You are the reason we continue to work at improving our services year after year. It is hard to believe, but November will mark 5 Years that we moved into our new building and 10 years since I joined the fitness industry as a business owner by purchasing The Gym.

Looking back at the last 10 years, it is amazing how things have evolved. From our physical location, the services we offer, our growing diverse membership, and our awesome staff and coaching team. It has been a process, one with intention, and maybe one with a little luck. Our journey to this point has made us who we are, we are in the right place, on the right track. There is no going back, in fact, it is time to dive deeper into not only our individual growth as a membership community, but the growth of our business.

2020 seems to be the time of change, the time of challenging the norm, and a time to look at things from a new and fresh perspective. We have done just that. Effective immediately, we will embark on a name change. Our True. name was challenged by another company with a like name, so we took this as an opportunity to really look at who we have become and what it means to be a member at True. Fitness | Life. Our membership is resilient, its motivated, its committed, its purposeful and its caring. It is constantly evolving. Everyone is here to care for themselves, but also to care for others. The motivation we provide each other is infectious. People find momentum in evolving into the person they are meant to be physically, mentally, and spiritually. We have grit and we have soul. We give back to our community both inside and outside the facility. We are the place Dubuque does fitness and we do it well! There is no one like You, our true community! You are why we have evolved into the premier fitness center in Dubuque, Iowa.

We are excited to announce our new name and the next chapter in our journey. We are thankful you will be taking it with us. Our programs will continue to evolve, our membership will continue to grow, and our service will remain at the highest level.

Soon you will see new signage on the building, new swag in the lobby, and new options in our rewards store. Our website and social media pages will be updated to support the change. Our new name and logo reflect some of the old, as well as the new. We have several exciting things planned between now and the end of the year and we will include you every step of the way! So, get ready … because the best is yet to come! We are volve… Where Dubuque Does Fitness.

We will always be true to you,
Kimberly David, Owner and CEO