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For details on the recent name change of the club, please read more HERE.


Attention Members:
We have implemented new check-in guidelines and club cleaning and sanitation protocols. Please review before your next visit to the club, if you haven’t checked in since we re-opened.

New Club Protocols:
1). People are going to be asked to sanitize their hands when they come in the lobby.
2). We will be taking everyone’s temperature. If they show any signs of an illness we will not allow them in. An Opening Host will be going over all the guidelines we are putting in place, verbally, when they arrive.
3). We are giving each person their own towel and spray bottle for wiping offer their equipment. (We have not been able to get disposable wipes). We have separate towels bins around the gym for the spray towels. We will wash them and return them to the floor.
4). We have turned off every other piece of cardio equipment so there is always a significant space between each person. We have rearranged a few pieces to give people the most ample amount of cardio options.
5). We have boxed in the weight benches with floor tape so they are appropriately spaced apart and they will not be allowed to be moved.
6). We have posted signs on all the equipment instructing them how to clean them properly.
7). We have signs on every other piece of equipment saying it is not usable for distancing considerations.
8). We have signs posted around the facility outlining proper cleaning guidelines
9). I have ordered 5 additional standing hand sanitizer stations that will be place around the gym. We also have mounted sanitizer stations in each of the class rooms.
10). We are limiting our classes to 9 or less. We will add classes to accommodate those that are traditionally larger. Everyone must sign up to attend.
11). When people leave, they must have properly cleaned, and replaced all the equipment, including the floor if they need too.
12). We aren’t opening the saunas, or the showers. Lockers will be accessible. No towel service.
13). Before leaving, we will be asking people to sanitize their hands one more time.

Additional Items:
We have ordered Sports Masks that can be worn when working out. They are not required, but if you’d like to purchase one, you can at the front desk. We will also have a less expensive disposable option.
Front desk people will all wear gloves when preparing smoothies or ringing up cash, scanning credit cards etc.
We’ve hired an additional employee just to clean equipment every day. So on top of being cleaned by the member, it will also be cleaned by staff!
Outdoor classes are 5-6 people max. All the same guidelines above apply.
We did have the entire facility fogged (twice), cleaned, and disinfected from ceiling to floor, including all equipment.

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